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free rider 2 level

2008-02-29 12:54:20 by rileyrulzu

this is for free rider 2 i made a post about it but the bbs wont hold enough charactures

so this is titled super mario galaxy all you have to do is go from planet to planet collecting star bits and eventually getting the power star. there is a seeret word on this one too and here are some hints. dont go to the next planet untill you got all the star bits on the one your on and
DON'T GO FAST slow and steady wins the race

-18 1i 18 1i,-16 1i -1q 23 -25 31 -2a 43 -26 56 -1d 64 -c 71 11 7h 2a 7a 3j 6d 4i 5e 55 4e 4u 3e 4c 2h 3h 1q 2e 1g 1f 1g,kd im k5 -c5,ke ik mp n7 sg qm,si qm 13d nh 15h hc 16p -96,16u -98 12m -cu,12j -cu rc -df,qa -f3 pl -g4 ou -h0 nu -he n0 -hh lv -h8 l4 -gg kg -fl k3 -eg ju -dc jv -cc,q7 -f9 qq -em ri -e7,ri -e6 sb -ds t7 -dl u2 -df us -d9,le -1rm kj -1r5 jp -1qc j8 -1p9 is -1o5 in -1mu is -1ls j9 -1kv k2 -1k7 l1 -1jk m7 -1j4 ni -1ij p2 -1i0 qc -1hi rn -1h5 t5 -1gt ub -1h5 vh -1i2 10i -1it 11k -1k0 12f -1lb 136 -1mp 13o -1o7 145 -1pm 148 -1r5 143 -1sc 13o -1th 134 -1ub 12c -1uj,12c -1uj 11g -1un 10o -1uu vv -1v4 ut -1vc th -1vn s6 -203 qp -20v pm -21b ok -211 nl -20h mo -1vf lv -1uc le -1ta l7 -1s7 l6 -1r9,ka -16q ja -16k ib -160 hm -156 hi -145 i0 -137 iq -12m js -12l kr -132 lj -13n m1 -14c lr -155 lc -15q kp -16i ju -16r,-gb -2ho -h7 -2gi -hs -2f3 -ie -2d8 -j4 -2b9 -ju -29f -kq -27i -lb -25v -lr -249 -m8 -22k -mj -20v -mq -1vc -mq -1t9 -mi -1r8 -lq -1pc -kp -1ns -jl -1ml -i9 -1lo -gl -1l5 -et -1kt -d7 -1l0 -be -1ld -9i -1m8 -7t -1nd -6f -1oj -52 -1ps -3j -1r3 -24 -1sc -l -1tn 7 -1uv g -20b -1 -21k,-1 -21k -13 -227 -26 -226 -37 -21s -48 -21b -5b -20p -6j -208 -7t -203 -93 -20d -a4 -20v -as -21t -bd -230 -bm -243 -bc -257 -ao -26e -a0 -27i -92 -28o -81 -29s -70 -2b3 -61 -2c4 -4n -2c6 -3c -2bt -28 -2b9 -1d -2a9 -s -297 -6 -289 q -27l 1p -270 2h -265 33 -252 3a -23l,3g -22b 3m -20v 3s -1ve 44 -1u4 3v -1ss 3k -1rg 39 -1qa 3e -1p0 44 -1nm 52 -1mn 66 -1lr 7d -1la 8g -1lm 94 -1mo 9k -1nq a1 -1p0 ab -1q2 am -1r4 b1 -1sd b7 -1tj bc -1uo,b8 -1uj av -1vt aa -216 9d -22a 8d -239 79 -249 68 -258,68 -258 5d -26d 4n -27m 42 -292 3e -2af 2r -2br 2e -2cv 2f -2du 2v -2ep 3f -2fl 3s -2gf 43 -2ha 44 -2i9 3q -2j4 31 -2k0 27 -2kq 18 -2la 7 -2lo -p -2mf -1a -2nl -v -2p8 -11 -2ql -1h -2rt -23 -2t9 -2s -2u9 -45 -2us -5c -2vh -6c -30a -79 -30r -87 -318 -94 -31j -a5 -31u -b8 -32f -ce -332 -dm -339 -es -33e -ft -33a -gn -32s,-gr -32r -g0 -32r -f7 -32r -ej -32q -ek -31t -du -313 -cs -30k 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-56e,1u0 -5bv 1ub -55v,1uf -55v 20u -55v,1u0 -58i 200 -58i,1u7 -5bk 20u -5bk,23a -566 23h -5c3 268 -5c7 268 -59v 23p -59v,23d -59v 26j -55r,280 -5c7 2a0 -59o 2c8 -5c7,29t -59o 29t -55r#G -53 -g4 1n,G -5m -hh 2q,G -5i -iu 2q,G -5m -l2 45,G -5m -k3 2t,G -4i -ld 4m,G -2m -l3 6r,G 26 -g3 9n,G 3l -hp 8e,G 3q -jo 75,G 1d -l4 6j,G -j -la 5k,G 25 -92 9i,G 2r -bj 8e,G 1p -er 76,G -4a -f3 3r,G -57 -dn 3f,G -6q -c6 32,G -4m -9t 28,G -4f -ce 49,G -3m -dp 4p,G -23 -e1 4p,G 15 -d1 7t,G 1a -c1 7s,G 13 -ac 8l,G -18 -8k 4,G -1s -8p 6,G -3a -95 12,G -40 -aj 2q,G 1 -9o 97,G -11 -ei 5k,T -1 -ah,T -9 -ce,T -4 -c9,T -n -c6,T -9 -at,T -v -cn,T -11 -cn,T -16 -d3,T -11 -cv,T -14 -ci,T -14 -cb,T -11 -bv,T -j -b9,T -g -b2,T -g -ah,T -30 -cl,T -2d -ce,T -21 -c6,T -1s -bj,T -2b -av,T -2b -b4,T -1p -bq,T -1p -bq,T -2b -bl,T -2f -be,T -2i -b2,T -2f -ae,T -1p -aq,T -14 -be,T -e -bs,T 3 -cb,T b -ci,T 3 -ci,T -g -cq,T -s -dd,T -1g -c6,T -1b -c9,T -14 -bq,T -v -b9,T -l -av,T -l -am,T -g -aj,T -n -ah,T -11 -aj,T -1d -b2,T -1s -bb,T -2b -bs,T -2k -c9,T -2k -cn,T -1n -cn,T -23 -cn,T -1g -d1,T -18 -db,T -11 -di,G -54 -2an ag,G -3o -2aq m,G -au -23d 8e,T 2k -248,T 3f -230,T 3c -229,G 35 -23a 2q,G 3f -216 2q,G 3a -21v 2o,G 37 -22h 2n,G 81 -1j0 5l,T -k5 -2il,G 1e4 -5gk 67,T -6r -2aa,T -1o -2a2,T -30 -2be,T -u -28b,T k -279,T 1h -26c,T 20 -24i,T 32 -20c,T 35 -1vf,T 38 -1te,T 2r -1r1,T 2r -1pg,T 3d -1og,T as -1pg,T 9i -1me,T 61 -1ln,T 69 -1l7,T 7t -1la,T 9q -1od,T bc -1r1,T au -20u,T 9q -221,T 7r -24a,T 70 -261,T 5k -26u,T 3l -2a4,T 30 -2cr,T 3d -2eg,T 4a -2g9,T 4k -2hb,T 30 -2ka,T 2b -2lh,T k -2m4,T -m -2pi,T -4 -2ng,T -16 -2re,T -1u -2td,T -32 -2v7,T -4v -2vp,T -6m -30s,T -83 -31j,T -a2 -32j,T -di -33q,T -bh -338,T -m1 -2vc,T -o8 -2sm,T -nd -2uf,T -ot -2r1,T -oi -2o0,T -oi -2ls,T -of -2k2,T -ov -2i3,T -od -2g7,T -mr -2fs,T -l4 -2gh,T -jn -2k5,T -il -2kq,T -gr -2l4,T -f2 -2ki,T -ea -2k7,T -ei -2ij,T -g4 -2hu,T -i3 -2fn,T -j2 -2d0,T -kf -29v,T -lh -28g,T -le -261,T -mj -23q,T -mj -221,T -nl -20c,T -no 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